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Emily serves as Executive Vice President of Marketing for Allbridge, formerly Bulk TV & Internet, DCI and EthoStream. In this role, Emily oversees all integrated marketing and brand initiatives, strategy, and execution for Allbridge. She is responsible for brand awareness and positioning, corporate communications, and outbound and inbound lead generation through all channels. Emily joined Bulk TV & Internet in 2008 as a Marketing Specialist and was instrumental in the establishment of the brand within the hospitality and healthcare markets. Prior to Bulk TV, she worked for an association management company marketing membership and sponsorships as well as planning national conferences and trade shows. Emily received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from the University of South Carolina. Additionally, she received a minor in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management.
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Why are Hospitality TV Services Critical to Guest Satisfaction?

In the age of rapid Internet searches and online reviews, guest satisfaction plays an increasingly important role in the success of any Hospitality business.

That’s because there’s a 91 percent chance customers won’t do business with a company again after a bad experience. Making matters worse, guests who have bad experiences are much more likely to share details about those experiences with their family, friends, and colleagues, or publicly on social media. In an age where 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their peers, these factors can have tremendous implications on hotels.

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Must-Know Terminology for Hospitality Technology

As you begin your quest for Hospitality technology solutions, you’ll likely run into industry jargon—some of which might not be familiar. Read on for some of the most common terms you’re likely to encounter during the buying process.

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Three Essential Tech Upgrades to Improve Resident Satisfaction


Truly taking your senior living community to the next level starts with offering a modern digital experience—one that replicates or even exceeds what is available in many of our homes. To deliver on that promise, you need to consider the three critical technologies that make it all possible: a robust data network, quality video services, and a dependable voice system.

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Four Steps to Buying Hospitality Technology

Investing in any kind of technology can be a difficult decision. By performing due diligence, assessing options, and taking your time, you can find the right solution for your hotel. Are you thinking about investing in a new hospitality technology solution? If so, keep these four steps in mind as you begin the process.

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A High-Level Overview of Senior Living Wi-Fi Implementation

Not too long ago, a high-speed Internet connection wasn’t a top priority for senior living communities. Fast-forward to today, and senior living communities are seeing more move-ins from Baby Boomers and members of Generation X—and these groups are much more technologically inclined.

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Why HSIA is Critical to Improve Your Hotel’s Guest Experience

In the digital age, the Hospitality industry is becoming more competitive than ever before. Guests’ expectations are constantly changing, and to grow your business, you need to differentiate your property from the competition. It can be valuable to meet and exceed expectations by offering exemplary experiences in every interaction.

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Senior Living Technology: Quick Tips to Consider

If you've ever searched for a managed Wi-Fi, video, or voice provider for a senior living community, you're probably aware that there are many options available to provide these services to residents and staff. Considering that these systems are a significant investment for your property, it's in your best interest to do your due diligence and research the available solutions, as well as find a provider that can customize and support a solution to meet the unique needs of your community and residents, now and in the future.

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Allbridge and VTech Partner to Enhance In-Room Voice Experiences

When you think about the latest technology in the Hospitality industry, usually things like high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, over-the-top content, video, IPTV, and other similar technologies pop into your mind.

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Key Considerations for Marriott GPNS Compliance

Guest Wi-Fi is the number one ranked property amenity among travelers, and with the proliferation of devices and streaming demands, network expectations continue to rise. Robust and dependable connectivity has become a top priority for most hotel brands.

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Crucial to the User Experience: Comprehensive Technical Support

In the event your system has an outage or simply isn’t working properly, do you have the resources on hand to rectify the problem internally? Or would you need to call in a hired hand?

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