Today’s seniors are technologically proficient, comfortable with using multiple mobile devices, streaming content, and connecting digitally with family and friends. As a senior living community, investing in technology is key to meeting your residents’ needs while staying competitive.

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  • How technology in senior living communities has changed over the years
  • The types of technologies that property administrators should consider implementing
  • Evaluation criteria to use when selecting a technology partner

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“They did what it took to get us open and get us ready. Calling Bob (VP Global Sales, Allbridge) at 1 AM to tell him we need to open the hotel in 7 hours and the internet’s not working – those are times that are nerve wracking, but they also establish the relationship that we have. At the end of the day, Bob picks up the phone and he’s in our hotel an hour later making sure we are ready for that opening.”

Javier Egipciaco, Managing Director – Arlo Hotels