Device usage among seniors is on the rise, increasing the expectation for wireless network access. Additionally, providing residents with access to email, social media, and video chat services has shown to substantially reduce senior loneliness and improve their quality of life. Allbridge custom designs a scalable, reliable, and secure solution to meet the growing demand of residents and their families.

Benefits for You and Your Residents:

  • Wireless and wired options
  • Private resident networks
  • Simple, secure connectivity
  • Scalable network design
  • Robust, high-density hardware
  • Branded self-service portal

Allbridge delivers high-performance Wi-Fi access to senior living properties nationwide. You can choose to include high-speed Internet access for residents to give your property a competitive advantage, or you can opt to up-sell this amenity as a revenue generating option. Additionally, when you bundle your video or voice services with Allbridge, you simplify vendor management, support, and billing to provide one connected experience for staff and residents.

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67% of adults age 65+ are online today via a smartphone or tablet, and 4 out of 10 seniors now own smartphones  - more than double the share that did in 2013. 

*Statistics provided by Pew Research Center