Enhance March Madness Stays: Allbridge's Guest-Focused Services

on March 2, 2024 | By Allbridge Support

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You don’t have to be a diehard sports maniac to enjoy March Madness, but if you are, you probably have key dates from March 17 to April 8 already marked on your calendar. From the intimal lineup and scheduling announcements of Selection Sunday to the final NCAA Championship game, March Madness fans are treated to thrill after thrill this time of year.

In terms of sheer excitement, many different factors place March Madness head-and-shoulders above other athletic tournaments, both amateur and professional, in the minds of casual and dedicated sports fans alike. Beginning with an especially large pool of 68 NCAA basketball teams, the March Madness tournament quickly begins to whittle this number down through round after round of single-elimination play. This sets up a very competitive environment in which all teams have a real chance to succeed, but all teams must overcome significant odds in extraordinarily high-pressure and high-stakes situations if they want to bring home the championship title.

The rapid intensity of March Madness play is notable for fans as well as players. The fact that you can watch 48 games during just 4 days of March Madness shows just how jam-packed this roughly month-long tournament can be. Amid all this excitement, a rabid fan will want to binge all the live games and other March Madness content that they possibly can. Furthermore, they want content of optimal visual and sonic quality, and they often expect that content on-demand.

As a commercial property owner in the hospitality, mixed-use, multifamily, and/or senior living sectors, you want to provide your residents and guests with the finest television and general media services possible. During March Madness, this means allowing people to watch games in comfort and style, accessing a wide variety of content effortlessly through a complete and inclusive property technology system.

As a prop tech industry leader, Allbridge offers a range of finely tailored and guest-focused services that provide unparalleled guest satisfaction during March Madness and throughout the year. From Wi-Fi to hosted voice services, Allbridge delivers everything a March Madness fan needs, in terms of both access to desired content and ability to be a part of the action. Of course, no fan can literally get into the game, but they can chat about it with friends, make relevant posts on social media, and interact with other fans in the digital environment.

Allbridge provides all the above and more to clients, residents, and guests that span more than 7,000 commercial properties. We’re dedicated to delivering elevated end-user experiences that reach specific, targeted goals according to precise, situational demands.

Albridge begins by teaming with clients to design and plan systems that meet the unique needs of their properties. After engineering and installing those systems, we continue to provide top-notch data support around the clock, seven days per week. Albridge also has a suite of ongoing managed technology solutions to ensure the highest quality connectivity and convenience with little to no responsibility on the behalf of commercial property owners.

But at this time of the year, few people can benefit from Allbridge’s commitment to outstanding media and communications more than March Madness fans. Here are just a few ways that Allbridge can take the March Madness to the next level for your residents and/or guests:

Elevated Guest Room Televisions

Unless they get tickets to see games in person, March Madness fans will want to catch the action on a quality TV. Unwilling to settle for an average viewing experience, Allbridge offers fully-connected, state-of-the-art entertainment systems that enhance televised March Madness coverage with high-definition displays of exceptionally crisp clarity.

Customized OTT Experience

Short for “over-the-top,” OTT is a category of technologies, platforms, and services that deliver streaming content through internet-connected devices. Allbridge’s OTT tech integrates seamlessly into its media and communication systems to allow easy access. 

TV Apps for Enhanced Convenience

Allbridge’s media and communication systems employ a range of on-screen digital apps to both simplify navigation and improve overall user experience. Beyond making it easy to explore interactive features, these apps play an integral role in Allbridge’s best-in-class cybersecurity efforts. In the words of Allbridge CEO Todd Johnstone, “putting an app in a ubiquitous way on top of a network has to be separated from access to that hopefully limited mission critical data you have.”

Streaming Services for Ultimate Access

The convenience and ease of digital technology has made “appointment television” a thing of the past. Thanks to on-demand streaming content, a March Madness fan can now enjoy games at any time. But nothing beats the excitement of watching a game in real time. Fortunately, Allbridge offers a range of live-streaming options, so fans never have to miss a moment of March Madness action.

Digital Concierge Services

As digital assistants like Siri become better and better, people are increasingly turning to them for all kinds of information and advice. Allbridge’s digital concierge services can offer personalized recommendations that enrich stay experience considerably. With these services at their fingertips, residents and guests can get instant assistance at any time.

Business Center Amenities

Despite its name, the business center is suitable for much more than just work. In fact, if you want to chat or post about the latest March Madness game, this is the perfect place to do it. With Allbridge’s high-speed connectivity and digital productivity enhancements, you can count on seamless communications operations and business center amenities for work and leisure alike.

Take Your March Madness Experience to the Next Level with Allbridge

Dedicated to providing unmatched resident and guest satisfaction, Allbridge is redefining hospitality with its user-focused property technology services. From OTT customization to TV apps, Allbridge offers everything you need to heighten the March Madness experience for everyone who sets foot on your commercial property. Spread the excitement and watch your resident/guest satisfaction levels soar!