[Infographic] What to Expect During Allbridge Implementation

We've put together this comprehensive infographic on what to expect during an Allbridge implementation. Whether you choose a data, video, and/or voice solution, our team is equipped to design and implement the solution for your property needs.

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What Should I Look For in a Brand-Approved Hospitality Technology Provider?

According to a recent survey by J.D. Power, 77 percent of guests said a large flat-screen television was available at the hotel they chose to stay at. Hotel guests also said that they expect to receive free Wi-Fi during their stay, and report lower satisfaction with properties that charge for connectivity.  To satisfy your guests, you need to provide in-room technology that is outfitted with all the latest technologies—including IPTV, OTT content, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more.

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4 Reasons Why Your Hospitality or Healthcare Wi-Fi Network Should Use Cloud Management

Managers of Hospitality, Healthcare, and Higher Education properties are increasingly investing in high-speed network solutions that provide the connectivity and convenience today’s consumers have grown to expect.

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Allbridge Delivers High-Performance Data Networks from Aerohive

In the age of lightning-fast networks and ubiquitous connectivity, it is critical that Hospitality and senior living properties are able to offer their guests and residents a digital experience that mimics what they’re used to at home and in the office.

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Top Technology Priorities for Senior Living Communities

Aging baby boomers are increasingly looking to downsize and move into something smaller, more convenient. Seeking entertainment, activities, and community, many of them opt to move into senior living properties that connect them with folks in their age group who share similar interests.

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Allbridge & Ruckus: Delivering Best-In-Class Connectivity to Hospitality Properties and Senior Living Communities

Whether you manage a national hotel chain, own an independent hospitality property, or oversee a vibrant senior living community, you need to ensure your guests and residents have access to a fast internet connection that meets their expectations.

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Student Housing Priorities – Parking Spaces, Laundry, & Wi-Fi


Students have options when it comes to where they reside while attending a college or university, and often features and amenities have a big impact on their choices. A recent study by Student Housing Business (SHB) noted that students consistently rank Wi-Fi as one of their most desired amenities, right along side of parking and laundry (SHB, Nov/Dec ’18). Imagine that – students rank reliable connectivity as high as parking and laundry convenience!

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3 Key Things to Look for When Upgrading Your Hotel TV Solution and Network


In order to ensure a positive customer experience, hotels need to provide modern television systems that make guests feel right at home.

Are you thinking about upgrading your hotel TV services and/or data network? Today’s leading hospitality television solutions provide the variety of content and ease of use your guests have grown to expect.

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Hospitality Technology: 6 Trends to Follow in 2019

It’s hard to believe 2019 is already here. The beginning of a new year provides the perfect time to look forward and see what the hospitality industry will look like as we inch closer to the next decade.

Here are six trends in hospitality technology that your company should keep an eye on in 2019 and beyond.

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