Allbridge Steadfast in its Commitment to Providing Hosted PBX Systems for Hospitality, Multifamily, and Senior Living Companies

The Importance of PBX Telephone Communications

Among other businesses with facilities that require multiple telephone lines that run to various locations in numerous rooms, companies in the hospitality, multifamily, and senior living sectors place an extremely high value on their private branch exchange (PBX) telephone services. Briefly defined, a PBX is a small, on-premises telephone system that an organization operates independently of any outside public telephone network. While an outside telephone company may act as a supplier or provider for certain PBX operations, each PBX system is privately acquired and managed by the specific enterprise that owns it.

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Meeting the Connectivity Needs of Today's Property Owner

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of digital connectivity in the modern property management industry, whether you are working in the hospitality, senior living, or multi-family residential sector.

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The Advantages of Unified Communications Systems in Hotels, Multi-Family Housing, and Senior Living Properties

Business market research professionals such as Inkwood Research’s Sherry Thomas generally agree that unified communication (UC) systems offer tremendous advantages to the organizations that implement and use them. Thomas describes the many ways in which UC systems enhance the ease and flexibility of communications to boost productivity, tighten security, slash operational costs, and drive business growth.

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How Owners, Architects, and Contractors Can Partner with Tech Providers to Raise the Standards of Connected Properties

Developers need to future proof their buildings. The pandemic has left an indelible mark on how and where we work, play, and live - a recent NMHC survey showed that over 91% of apartment residents say high-speed internet is an important factor when considering an apartment with nearly 75% stating that Wi-Fi should be pre-installed. According to that same survey, an additional 69% of residents indicated that community Wi-Fi ranked as an important amenity.  

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