Allbridge Steadfast in its Commitment to Providing Hosted PBX Systems for Hospitality, Multifamily, and Senior Living Companies

on June 3, 2024 | By Allbridge Support

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The Importance of PBX Telephone Communications

Among other businesses with facilities that require multiple telephone lines that run to various locations in numerous rooms, companies in the hospitality, multifamily, and senior living sectors place an extremely high value on their private branch exchange (PBX) telephone services. Briefly defined, a PBX is a small, on-premises telephone system that an organization operates independently of any outside public telephone network. While an outside telephone company may act as a supplier or provider for certain PBX operations, each PBX system is privately acquired and managed by the specific enterprise that owns it.

By installing and maintaining an enterprise PBX, an organization can switch phone calls among multiple users on all installed internal lines, while allowing the various users on these internal lines to share a certain number of external lines among them. Without a PBX, an organization would be forced to pay separately for each phone line that it installs. Furthermore, it would lose the ability to switch phone calls on its internal lines with the simple push of a button. Even in an era dominated by internet and mobile communication, a property’s phone system plays a vital role in connecting guests and residents with staff members both for general service and for emergency response.

NEC as a Global Force in the PBX Industry

Due to the complex nature of today’s digital PBX systems, an entire global industry of PBX experts has arisen to install and support them. And in the history of this industry, few companies have risen as high as NEC PABX/PBX Telephone Switchboard System. Commonly known as NEC, this Japanese communications giant grew to employ more than 100,000 specialized technicians and provide state-of-the-art PBX systems to organizations in more than 180 countries that span the globe. In the words of NEC senior management, “NEC PBX’s are known for their intelligent hybrid designs allowing for one integrated office telephone system which can meet the needs of almost any organization.”

The Departure of NEC from the Global Stage

On April 15, 2024, NEC announced its plans to cease its hosted PBX business operations in all overseas markets and limit its focus to working solely within its native Japan. Although this transition to exclusively domestic operations won’t take place until the end of March 2026, the news has sent shockwaves across many industries and markets in which NEC’s technology is currently deployed. After all, NEC has long held a remarkably strong market position in the United States and many other countries where the demand for hosted PBX remains extraordinarily robust. According to recent insights issued by Markets and Markets, the 2023 hosted PBX market, which was valued at $11.5 billion, is anticipated to balloon to approximately $25 billion by 2028.

NEC’s announced departure from international operations has left its massive global client base in need of alternative PBX solutions. But while NEC has long been a dominant and reliable player in the PBX market, specialized communications technology agencies like Allbridge are fully prepared for an industry-wide transition to other, equally competent providers.

Allbridge Responds to NEC Departure with Firm Assurances of Ongoing PBX Installation and Service over the Long Term

Specifically concentrating on the hospitality, multifamily, and senior living sectors, Allbridge has garnered an outstanding reputation for its highly comprehensive and fully customized UC (unified communications) and entertainment systems. To reassure their existing and future clients in the wake of the recent announcement by NEC, top Allbridge officials have firmly signaled their continuing commitment to the sale, service, and support of hosted PBX systems. Allbridge contends that NEC’s departure will have no effect on its long-term mission to provide seamless PBX transitions and future-proof PBX solutions.

Our message is clear - PBX voice infrastructure is central to the property technology that our customers rely upon. Allbridge remains committed to supporting hosted PBX systems through partnerships with the most dependable vendors and our best practice maintenance expertise. To owners and operators, whose properties rely on hosted PBX systems and for those wishing to deploy new systems, we would say that you have a reliable partner in Allbridge. 

PBX Service as Part of the Bigger Hospitality, Multifamily, and Senior Living Puzzle

Consistent with the demands of its diverse hospitality, multifamily, and senior living clientele, Allbridge ensures that each facility gets the enterprise PBX system that it needs. Reliable voice solutions from Allbridge are an important component to help organizations reduce capital expenditures while keeping equipment costs at a minimum.

In the world of PBX, it’s all about the details. Allbridge allows clients to choose among a wide selection of traditional handsets from top suppliers while providing expert guidance based on years of proven experience. Allbridges highly trained professionals do all that it takes to help owners and operators select and install the best devices in support of reliable communication for property guests, residents, and staff alike. And when your PBX services are integrated within a larger, comprehensive Allbridge UC system, all users will be able to effortlessly access a broad spectrum of common and specialized communication and entertainment options.

By positioning the PBX system as a cornerstone of their UC provisions, companies in the hospitality, multifamily, and senior living can ensure that everyone on the premises can easily grab a landline phone receiver and quickly connect internal staff and external parties in the most effective and efficient way possible. After all, property guests, residents, and staff members understandably expect and deserve dependable phone service as a fundamental part of business operations and daily life. Allbridge understands this fully and tailors its PBX installation and support endeavors to reflect this understanding. “Whether calling the front desk, hosting an important conference call or phoning family,” Allbridge declares, “your clientele’s phone calls are important.”