Meeting the Connectivity Needs of Today's Property Owner

on April 22, 2024 | By Allbridge Support

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It is impossible to overestimate the importance of digital connectivity in the modern property management industry, whether you are working in the hospitality, senior living, or multi-family residential sector.

Hotel owners must cater to people who are traveling for business and for pleasure by ensuring easy and reliable wi-fi connection and offering a wide spectrum of entertainment options that are compatible with multiple digital devices. A provider of unified communications and entertainment systems for comprehensive property management, Allbridge provides hospitality-sector companies with solutions that range from intelligent in-room equipment to easy-to-navigate television programming to seamless information technology (IT) oversight.

Strong digital connectivity also offers specific benefits in the senior living setting. As Baby Boomers age into senior living communities, they expect all the digital conveniences (email service, streaming TV, etc.) that they have long been enjoying in their private residences. Furthermore, reliable connectivity comes with important medical benefits in this sector. Beyond the ability to make rapid contact with the right medical professionals in the face of a medical emergency, the elder community consultancy Senior Living U praises the Internet of Things and personal emergency response systems as key lifesaving technologies that are worthless without seamless connectivity. “Wearables connect to the Internet of Things and are a great way for residents to maintain high levels of independence,” writes Senior Living U. Personal emergency response systems (PERS) often come in the form of a pendant or bracelet. PERS can often be connected to apps that allow caregivers an extra level of insight into resident activity and health.”

In the multi-family residential sector, digital connectivity brings many of the same benefits to tenants that it brings to guests in the hospitality sector and to residents in the senior living sector. But the National Apartment Association (NAA) points out that it is also easier to launch a multi-family housing startup if you have a good digital communication/entertainment system already in place. This is because such systems tend to lower the cap rate of a new multi-family residential business. Investors use the cap rate to calculate the risk of investing in a property, and in general, the lower the cap rate, the lower the risk, and therefore, the better the investment,” writes the NAA. “Because managed Wi-Fi increases NOI and property value, it drives property cap rates lower, making a property more attractive to potential investors.”


The Changing Landscape of Connectivity Expectations

In today’s hyperconnected world, all types of property residents and guests fully expect (if not outright demand) outstanding wi-fi and easy access to all forms of communication and entertainment. This is because modern humans are hugely reliant (if not utterly dependent) on the digital devices that keep us constantly informed, amused, and linked with one another.

Fortunately, business owners and property managers in the multi-family residential, hospitality, and senior living sectors can partner with connectivity experts to meet the extraordinarily high expectations of tenants, visitors, and guests. The property technology solutions provider Allbridge knows that the average person views digital connectivity not as a luxury but as a necessity.


Challenges Faced by Property Owners

When it comes to meeting the diverse connectivity needs of modern-day residents/guests, property managers must carefully balance quality and cost by finding affordable solutions without sacrificing performance. To address your most urgent needs first, it may be helpful to consider the following signs that you have outdated infrastructure struggling to keep up with evolving technological standards: 

  • You are experiencing poor wi-fi connectivity or slow wi-fi speeds.

  • You are experiencing unexpected system crashes or protracted system downtime.

  • You are experiencing security problems or loss of data.

  • You are experiencing compatibility issues with the latest generation of software or hardware. 


Allbridge’s Comprehensive Solutions for Property Owners 

Allbridge’s “all in one” connectivity solutions coordinate internet, television, and other communications/entertainment elements into a single unified system that is both incredibly efficient and entirely on-brand. We offer a range of customizable solutions that are explicitly tailored for properties in the multi-family residential, senior living, and hospitality sectors. We offer the latest platforms and tools to “future-proof” your connectivity infrastructure and help you keep pace with the ongoing march of technological progress.


Benefits of Allbridge Solutions for Property Owners

By partnering with Allbridge to provide easy and reliable connectivity services, you can greatly improve overall resident/guest satisfaction levels. Furthermore, you can boost the overall value of your property by outfitting it with cutting-edge technology. In short, Allbridge provides a range of advantages to property owners by providing specific connectivity services and streamlining general management operations in areas such as…

  • Wi-Fi Networks, Equipment, and Monitoring

  • HD and 4K Television/Streaming Video

  • A Variety of Over-the-Top (OTT) Platforms Offering Access to Content from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and More

  • On-Premise and Cloud-Based Telephone, Handset, and Voice Devices/Solutions

  • Customized Security Solutions Ranging from Electronic Door Locks to Parking Access Technology

  • Specialized Unifying Features Such as Branded Digital Directories and Splash Pages


Case Studies: Success Stories with Allbridge Solutions

Albridge has a proven history of addressing pressing problems, identifying areas for improvement, and meeting the unique wants and needs of each individual client. Examine Albridge case studies involving the AC Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina, and The Urban in Columbus, Ohio, to see how Allbridge’s customized approach can reap specific benefits.


Best Practices for Implementing Allbridge Solutions

To craft a connectivity plan that works best for you, Allbridge’s team of experts will assess your particular situation and help you set specific goals. Through close client collaboration, they can provide optimal connectivity solutions. You can take the first step toward the streaming solutions you need or start to spring clean your vendors by filling out a short audit information request form on the Allbridge website. Allbridge will lead you through the entire connectivity optimization process, ending in continuous monitoring and ogling improvement. After all, even the very best of connectivity systems will ultimately fall behind unless it proactively keeps pace with your evolving connectivity needs.

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