A Million Tiny Details | Allbridge + PUBLIC Hotels

on November 20, 2019 | By Allbridge Support

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The PUBLIC Hotel is a 367-room Ian Schrager hotel in New York City, designed by award winning architects Herzog & DeMeuron with modern guest rooms, luxurious amenities, and jaw-dropping views of the city skyline.

The hotel provides a high-end, boutique experience where guests can expect every detail to run seamlesslyespecially their high-speed Wi-Fi, which is managed by Allbridge, along with their hosted voice solution. 

The PUBLIC Hotel was featured in an Allbridge case study including interviews with Vin Zachariah, Chief Customer Officer of Allbridge, and Dan Daley, Chief Operating Officer of PUBLIC Hotels. The full transcript of the video is below.

Vin Zachariah: "I'm Vin Zachariah, I'm the Chief Customer Officer for Allbridge. Today we're at the PUBLIC Hotel in New York City on the Lower East Side. We've known Ian Schrager and Michael Overington for decades. We've done installs at their property. We've had a great relationship with them. We understand how they work, we understand their expectations. We're the type of firm that fits very nicely in their portfolio of vendors that they use."

Dan Daley: "Allbridge provides our hosted voice and our primary Internet. PUBLIC is a brand that's very much focused on using technology, not just for technology's sake, but to enhance the guest experience. Ian, our owner, always discusses kind of the alchemy that exists in a hotel, and there's not one specific point of differentiation that you can speak toit's a combination of a million little tiny details that bring together a really special hotel. Above all else, we care about the service that we're offering our guests. We want to be known for curated, personalized, customized experiences. Every guest that comes through, we want to make feel incredibly special. It's a huge part of our brand proposition that we're known for our high-speed Wi-Fi, and that there's very few, if any, interruptionswhich has been the case, which has been wonderful.

Vin Zachariah: "The team here asked us to really take on the technology for the property. We manage both the installation of the Wi-Fi network, the hosted voice network. We actually did the cabling as well here. We were able to coordinate pretty nicely across all of it in a fairly complex and challenging construction, which happens in New York City."

Dan Daley: "Technology is a huge part of our brand proposition. We like to think of the hotel and the experience as being a production. Everything needs to run seamlessly and smoothly so that everything in front of the curtain can provide this really incredibly unique experience."

Vin Zachariah: "The hotel is trying to provide a high-end, boutique experience. They want everything to work seamlessly, in the background, effortlessly. From our standpoint, that means the technology has to work. From a service standpoint, it's one call to understand what's happening with devices, what's happening with switches, what's happening with data."

Dan Daley: "I think above all else we're looking for somebody who believes that they're a partner with us in this, and super responsive and supportive.  Should the need arise for anything, it's technology. They care just as much about the ongoing performance and expectation as the initial installation, and Allbridge has proven themself time and time again to be a fantastic partner from an innovation and idea standpoint, and from a support standpoint."

Vin Zachariah: "Allbridge. One Connected Experience."

Watch the full case study here:

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