The Impact of OTT on Hotels

on April 20, 2023 | By Allbridge Support

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In the age of streaming, it’s not surprising that Americans are increasingly consuming over-the-top (OTT) content. A 2022 study from Parks Associates found that 83 million U.S. households engage in OTT viewing. This number is expected to increase for the foreseeable future.

In Hospitality, delivering exemplary experiences starts with making your guests feel right at home. To do that in today’s digital era, you need to offer superior in-room entertainment options, which include OTT content.

What Is OTT?

Over-the-top content is video that is delivered over the Internet. OTT providers bypass traditional cable and satellite providers, selling their services directly to customers. Many Americans supplement their cable packages in their own homes with OTT content by subscribing to a service such as Netflix or using a casting device to watch any of the myriad of apps that are freely available on the platform on the smart TV.

In a hotel, OTT is often delivered through a hospitality-specific, smart TV platform, which properly delivers access to programming options as well as information about on-site or concierge services.

How OTT Benefits Hotels

Offering OTT can set your hospitality property apart from the competition. Some ways that this interactive in-room entertainment content benefits your hotel:

  1. Simple integration with most free-to-guest systems. Leading OTT solutions designed for hotels can easily connect to existing free-to-guest systems. You won’t have to replace your existing infrastructure to offer your guests interactive entertainment options.
  2. Wired and wireless configurations. Guests have multiple methods to enjoy OTT content—through your hotel’s television system or on their mobile devices.
  3. Limited hardware required. Many smart televisions have built-in OTT capabilities, eliminating the need for an extra piece of hardware.
  4. Advanced reporting and monitoring. Leading hotel network providers offer advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities. Not only can you detect issues before they become noticeable problems, but you can also manage systems remotely.
How OTT Benefits Guests

Your guests will get a superior in-room entertainment experience when you offer OTT content:  

  • A wide selection of applications to choose from. Hotel guests expect to be able to use the television in their room the same way they use it at home. With the right solution, you can offer your guests an array of entertainment options, enabling them to access the content they are most interested in.
  • Guests don’t need to log in with their personal credentials. Many guests are wary about the idea of logging into their own accounts on a device that is used by strangers. With a leading in-room entertainment solution in place, guests can watch OTT content without having to use their personal credentials.
  • The service automatically disconnects at checkout. When your guests check out, the OTT service is automatically disconnected, providing peace of mind for departing guests. Employees won’t have to manually keep track of this data, and guests won’t incur any charges other than what they’ve agreed to.
  • Guests can order concierge services and view information about other amenities. Keep your guests aware of all the amenities your property has to offer, and even allow them to make reservations and book services with a digital concierge.
  • With OTT, your guests can enjoy the convenience of streaming entertainment and can access information about your property from the comfort of their room.
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