Why Hotels Are Choosing to Shift Towards Automated Solutions

on April 3, 2023 | By Allbridge Support

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As businesses in all industries continue to evolve and grow, there is an increased reliance on automation and technology solutions to power success. However, as we increase our dependence on technology, it’s important that we have the infrastructure and networks in place that can safely and securely support a growing reliance on automation as supply and demand continues to evolve.

Common Challenges that Hotels are Facing

Hotels are turning to more automation and technology to help run business operations. From smart booking systems to automatic cleaners and vacuums that help manage housekeeping, the industry is adapting to shortages in staffing and the changing landscape of hospitality. Staff shortages have forced hotels to turn to alternative solutions in order to accommodate guests and ensure that business operations are moving forward.

Although turning to technology can help in many situations, it also leads to new challenges that hotels need to address in order to grow the business safely and provide the additional bandwidth needed to support new systems.

Security Issues

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Whenever you adopt new technology solutions, you always need to be wary of the potential security issues that might arise. When hotels turn to automation to solve staff shortages and an increase in customers, it can put your guests' information at risk. If your security and network infrastructure isn’t secure, then it could allow hackers to gain access to guest information or even take control of your hotel’s systems. 

If your automated systems are not properly secure, they could be susceptible to viruses or other malware attacks. These types of attacks can shut down the entire organization and lead to serious damage to your reputation. To combat potential security risks, you need to have a reliable system and network that can provide strong security and protection for your sensitive information.

Need for Reliable Network Infrastructure

Another common challenge hotels face with the increased dependency on technology is the need for a reliable network infrastructure. Automated systems require a constant connection to the internet to function properly, which can put a significant strain on your current network if it isn’t developed or created for managing these types of systems. Additionally, automated systems often rely on cloud-based services, which can be disrupted or become vulnerable with a poor internet connection.

If your internet connection goes out, not only is your entire network compromised, but you can’t operate as normal, especially if you have become reliant on technology solutions in order to run daily operational tasks. While becoming reliant on technology is unavoidable in today’s business world, you need to protect your investments with the right network in order to ensure everything is operational.

Why Network Reliability is So Important

It’s clear that before a hospitality business can move forward with new technology solutions, there needs to be a strong infrastructure in place. In order to bring the different parts of your business together, provide a strong security system, and keep all your technology systems running at full capacity, you need to have a strong spine in your business. Property Technology, or PropTech, is that solution.

PropTech allowed business owners and managers in the hospitality industry to use Wifi and managed services that help propel the business forward. With PropTech as the core of your business operations, you can help your business evolve with changing times and increased demands for technology.

Why Should PropTech be a High Priority for Hoteliers?

PropTech is the solution to many challenges of the hospitality industry, such as short staffing, increased global travel, and an increase in the number of rooms and public spaces that need to be cleaned. As hoteliers turn to technology to address these issues, PropTech works as the backbone of the business. It helps to power the entire organization and provide network reliability that can meet the increased dependence on technology. 

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PropTech is also the source of interoperability, allowing all your different tech solutions to work together and create cohesion between solutions and a single source of truth for your business. Without the reliable network that PropTech solutions like Allbridge can provide, you’ll find yourself struggling to work with disparate systems that don’t work with each other. This can lead to errors and complications in your operations.

Allbridge is the PropTech solution that is more than just a Wifi provider. Allbridge mitigates project risk and increases the property value of your hotel while improving the end-user experience for your guests.

When you work with Allbridge, you get a single partner to manage all of your growing technology needs. From Wifi networks and equipment to advanced management tools, Allbridge is the best PropTech solution for hotels and hospitality businesses that are increasing their reliance on technology.