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on April 3, 2023 | By Allbridge Support

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Every year brings new, developing trends and challenges to the hotel and hospitality industry. While there are some common challenges, like staffing shortages, changing consumer demands, and creating a great experience, there is one main developing trend that all hoteliers need to be aware of. The rise of technology and connectivity within a hotel is taking center stage, and you need to be aware of how you can incorporate Wifi into your guest experiences. Technology has become an integral part of the hospitality industry, particularly when it comes to guest experience. In order for hoteliers to stay ahead of trends and remain competitive in the industry, they need to prioritize their wifi and connectivity networks. Understanding why this is important as well as what you can do to ensure your network is up to date will help you deliver a great experience for guests.

When it comes to providing the best hotel guest experience, Wifi is a must-have for any hotel. Guests expect fast and reliable internet connections in their rooms and throughout the building. In addition to this, as more people become tech-savvy, they are looking for ways to control their environment through virtual assistants such as Google Home or Alexa. 

What the Studies are Saying

The recent 2023 Lodging Technology Study has shown some interesting trends in Wifi in hotels and hospitality centers. The results of the study show that hoteliers are prioritizing Wifi and technology upgrades to their facilities. 100% of hoteliers say that they want to add mobile check-in and key options, while 95% want to add two-way messaging to increase communication with guests. Additionally, 94% of hoteliers want to add Smart TVs to their rooms to further improve the guest experience.

All of these initiatives that hoteliers and customers want need to be powered by a central Wifi network. If you don't have a centralized network in your facility, you are likely running different platforms from different sources. This is both inconvenient to you as the proprietor and to the customers, who expect an integrated, seamless experience when visiting your hotel as a guest. Therefore, you need to prioritize your Wifi network and integrated solutions. With technology constantly evolving, hoteliers must also stay up-to-date on current trends that may affect their business. Smart devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home are becoming increasingly popular among guests which means hotels must be prepared to offer these devices if requested. It’s also important that hotels invest in mobile apps so guests can access helpful information such as restaurant menus or local attractions without having to leave their rooms or search online. 

Hoteliers should also consider offering virtual reality experiences or other interactive technologies that will draw guests into their property and make them more likely to return in the future. 

The Future of Wifi and Hospitality

Wifi is becoming the number one amenity for guests. Think about it—with the rise of working on the go, streaming services and video content, and connected devices, not having a high-quality and speedy internet service in a hotel is a major flaw in customer service.

Upcoming insights indicate that this dependency on Wifi isn’t going to end anytime soon. In fact, it will increase over time as multi-band channels, larger ecosystems, and the upcoming release of Wifi 7 on a broad scale are in the pipeline for hoteliers. Other trends like 5G and open roaming will also put more strain on Wifi networks, meaning that in order to provide the best experience and deliver on the expectations of guests, hoteliers need to prioritize their Wifi in 2023.

The Allbridge Comprehensive Solution

Allbridge is the leading technology provider for the hospitality industry, delivering advanced consumer technology to help you create comprehensive solutions and exceed the expectations of guests. Allbridge is more than just a Wifi provider—we are the backbone of your network and supply the tools to connect your technologies to a single, reliable source. No matter what platforms or tools you use, having Allbridge backing them up brings everything together into a cohesive experience.

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