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Why Resident Technology is Crucial to your Business

The last few years have taken all of us for quite a wild ride. America has been through other pandemics, terrorist attacks, and recent wars, but nothing has completely shifted our way of life like COVID-19 in recent history. The worldwide pandemic brought our country to a near halt and put immense pressure on our nation’s healthcare system, and our readiness for this situation.

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What Will Your Next Hotel Stay Look Like?

The Hospitality industry has spent the past two years in a state of uncertainty. With travel restrictions and social distancing measures in full force, hotels watched occupancy levels decline – with many hotels closing entirely. Some repurposed their space to house the homeless or frontline workers, and others became quarantine sites.

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A High-Level Overview of Senior Living Wi-Fi Implementation

Even a decade ago, a high-speed Internet connection wasn’t a top priority for senior living communities. Fast-forward to today, and senior living communities are seeing reliable Internet become more important than ever. COVID-19 emphasized the necessity of keeping residents connected. Residences are seeing more move-ins from Baby Boomers and members of Generation X—and these groups are much more technologically inclined.

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Why You Need a Properly Designed Network to Serve Your Guests

Consumer expectations continue to rise quickly. And the digital age has led the hospitality industry to become more competitive than ever, and the pandemic has only accelerated the need for modern hospitality technology.

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Building Technology Flow in Commercial Construction Projects

With the current rising inflation across the country, one market has pressed forward based on the increasing demand: multifamily commercial real-estate (CRE). CRE continues to be at an all-time high across the country. But one area is often overlooked – building technology flow into a project in order to meet the increasing demands and expectations of guests and residents.

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The Benefits of Understanding your Data Network

Organizations across all industries are increasingly using data analytics to accomplish a number of tasks, including informing decision-making, improving the customer experience, and figuring out which products to bring to market.

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How to Make Sure Your Marriott Property is GPNS Compliant

What’s important to travelers these days?

Guest Wi-Fi is the number one ranked property amenity among travelers, and with the proliferation of devices and streaming demands, network expectations continue to rise. Robust and dependable connectivity has become a top priority for most hotel brands.

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Modern Improvements in Healthcare Property Television Services

As the manager of a senior living property or skilled nursing facility, you’re focused on doing everything you can to ensure your residents are comfortable in your community. One of the more streamlined ways to accomplish that is to offer your residents television services that mimic the experiences they’ve grown accustomed to in recent years.

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Why Managed Services are Important for your Property

As the manager of a property in the Hospitality or Healthcare industry, you’re focused on delivering great experiences to every person who passes through your doors. One of the best ways you can do that is by investing in up-to-date data, video, and voice solutions that give guests access to things they’ve grown accustomed to in recent years—such as Wi-Fi and over-the-top content.

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